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Building a foundation for your child in the pre-kinder garden by giving a constructive learning environment. Our Pre-K child care program is accredited and follows the state-approved creative curriculum. The activities provide foundational literacy skills, science, and mathematic functions, as well as art and creative experience.

This stage is a big step for a child, to apparent you want to make sure you have done everything you can to ensure they are prepared for a big leap.

Language Art And Literacy

We help your child become a confident communicator. We make learning fun and engaging with books, poems, songs, and stories, helping your child make connections between letters and words, words, and sentences.

Their Activities Include

  • Reading aloud and discussing rhyming words
  • Learning animals sounds
  • Learning whether words like “sunny” and “rainy”
  • Using a pencil to write out the names of zoo animals and drawing a picture of it


Here the focus is given to recognizing relationships among numbers, numerals, and quantities. We help the child see how things relate to one another by helping them identify and describe attributes and patterns in objects. They start to understand the concept of adding and putting together or adding to, and subtracting as taking apart or taking away.

Their Activities Include

  • Playing interactive games
  • Cutting numbers out in magazines
  • Spinning a spinner and calling a number it stops on


We focus on investigating and learning concepts about living things and the environment. With their teacher’s encouragement, your child will lead the way in learning about people, animals, plants, the earth, and outer space. Teachers also instruct them on how to use tools and technology in their investigations.

Their Activities Include

  • Using measuring tool
  • Learning about solid and liquid
  • Experimenting to see what objects are magnetic and non-magnetic

Social And Emotional Development

We help them discover what’s unique about themselves and others. We empower your child to be forming a friendship and identifying feelings.

Their Activities Include

  • Working with classmates to put on a puppet show
  • Reading and talking about friendship

Gross And Fine Motor Development

At Child Care Baltimore, we focus on gaining strength, control, and coordination as your child’s muscles grow and develop. We provide your child with fun ways to build muscle control, with indoor activities designed to increase fine motor development and outdoor activities focused on movement and balance.

Their Activities Include

  • Practicing balance, control, and coordination
  • Performing fine motor tasks
  • Playing shadow tag and ring toss on the playground

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We help them in the transition from Pre-K to kinder garden without much difficulty. We focus on academic courses like math, reading, and science. We work on developing the entire brain through games and playtime activities.


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