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Day Care In Baltimore

Our day-care teacher provides a variety of activities to enhance communication and motor skills through play, music, hand-on activities, and outside experience. Dedicated to a personalized learning environment, we focus on the individual needs of each child. We encourage a toddler to grow and develop in a loving and encouraging environment. Our day-care program promotes school readiness for your child. Toddlers in this stage learn and develop at an incredible rate.

And we at Child Care Baltimore capitalize on these years of rapid development with our various activities designed for your toddler’s skill.

Cognitive Development

We focus on broadening your toddler’s understanding of the world around them. We make every movement with your toddler a teachable moment. Our teacher helps your toddler make the connection between the language and motor skills necessary for completing tasks and responding to requests.

Their Activities Include

  • Identifying and sorting objects
  • Following direction like placing object ‘in’, ‘out’ or ‘under’ other objects
  • Reading the book and answering comparison questions
  • Developing spatial awareness
  • Learning about size and volume by filling a bucket with sand

Social And Emotional Growth

Teach your toddler to better understand emotions and respect others. We create a safe, supportive, and encouraging environment to explore their emotions in a healthy manner. Your toddler will participate in activities that are designed to help them in identifying feelings and foster relationships with friends and caregivers.

Their Activities Include

  • Imitating the actions of other toddlers and adults through interactive games
  • Developing pride in accomplishing and showing interest in peers’ action through activities
  • Learning coping skills
  • Understanding emotion through songs
  • Learning how to take turns and play along with another peer

Language And Communication

Our teachers help your toddler express wants and needs. Our teacher helps transition from nonverbal to verbal by modeling conversation, teaching sign language, and helping them identify familiar people and objects by name.

The Activity Includes 

  • Repeating words and a phrase like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’
  • Answering questions, handling books, and filling in blanks while being read to from repetitive books.
  • Naming and identifying items
  • Making back and forth exchange

Fine And Gross Motor Skills

Developing your toddler’s coordinating skills, as at this stage your toddler is extremely active. Our teachers guide them through activities that keep them refine their motor skills in a safe environment.

The Activity Includes

  • Learning to feed themselves and drink from a cup
  • Dressing while playing dress-up with simple garments
  • Improving running, climbing, bending, and jumping through activities
  • Practicing throwing, catching, and kicking balls

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Our program has long-lasting benefits socially, environmentally, and academically. They get a smooth transition into the kinder garden because we get them used to the structured environment, and teach them at this age for learning with fun.


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